Friday, August 03, 2007

House Finally Done!!

We moved into our new house at Damián Carmona Norte #11 on July 31, 2007, a date that will live in . . . , well for a long, long time in our memories at least.

What a relief. If you have not looked at the Before and After shots recently, I added a few since I first put up the photos in Flickr. There are a few more flowers in these. The red of our bougainvilla and canas are really set off by the ochre of the patio walls. We really lucked out on colors.

We have been cleaning and organizing ever since, and are pooped. Miguel and Alberto did a great job and despite the extra couple of months and the extra couple hundred thousand pesos, we are very pleased with what they were able to accomplish. The old owner, Alberto G., has apparently been coming by to check things on "his" house, and I think he is a little surprised at what we were able to do with it and still maintain its historic nature. Every door (all are glassed) has a different and interesting view.

I also added some pix to Flickr that Celine (C's niece, daughter of Claude and Marie José) took when she visited us a few months ago. I just happened on them again and thought they provided an interesting look at Querétaro, especially since she was here for less than 24 hours. The couple at Hacienda Juriquilla are Niels and Grace.

Niel's father was the archaeologist who discovered Tepexpan Man in 1947, the earliest human remains in the New World until that time. We are having a 60 year retrospective at the Tepexpan Museum (near Teotihuacan) on August 23. I did the website with a lot of help from Niels. Check it out here.

Now if we can find some money to finish paying the Social Security of the workers, attending our daughters' weddings and another niece's wedding in France, we will be able to survive 2007. I would hate to have to sell this house to make ends meet!

And life goes on despite the threat of world economic breakdown, rumors of unrest in Mexico, and especially despite the fact that George W. is trying his level best to destroy what used to make the US great.