Wednesday, February 21, 2007

House Update #3

Sorry for no posts for so long.

At the two-month point into the renovation, I think we have accomplished a lot. All the wall openings have been finished with the exception of the bathroom area between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, but that should be finished in another few days. The puente (bridge) in the back bedroom that will provide access to the upstairs bedroom is now built, as is the stair leading to it. The roof has been finished and graded for drainage. The rest of the roofs need the same, and then they will all be sealed with membrane. The half bath walls in the study are finished, and the upstairs bath walls are nearly finished. Unfortunately, the master bedroom and living room floors were too thin and could not be refinished, so we will need to put in new floors there. I will be meeting with the architect tomorrow to discuss progress, but I am assuming at least two more months.

Tomorrow I am also meeting with an art restorer from the Universidad de Querétaro who may take on the restoration of our fresco as a class project. It seems that all students need to have a project every semester. Right now they are restoring religious paintings from churches, and next they do frescos. My timing may have been right, I hope.

To see some photos of our progress click here: