Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adios Señora

Lety told us that la Señora quietly passed away yesterday morning May 16. Her son, Omar, will take her ashes back to Guadalajara tomorrow, but I am sure her soul will remain in her house in Manatiales watching the Capitan work in the garden. We really regret not making the time to visit with the kids over the years.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

We Are Still Alive

Please excuse us for not keeping the blog up to date. Since we got back from Yucatan we have been busy, and I will not be able to relax and write for a while. But never fear, we will be back.

Caroline visited the week following Yucatan, and a couple of weeks later we were on our way back to Atlanta to get some business wrapped up. We are currently in Atlanta, and expect to return to Mexico around the end of May.

We still have a lot to recount and pictures to show about Yucatan, Holy Week, and about Caroline's trip, including Caroline's meeting with the Señora for the first time since 1976. As predicted, there were plenty of tears and hugs.

The weather was warming up when we left, and the rainy season started early this year just after we left. But the rain in Atlanta made up for missing it in Querétaro. We bought a new car that will not bottom out on the speed bumps (I hope). We got our permanent visas today. We got our international health insurance last week. We have held an unsuccessful garage sale, and have otherwise been keeping busy.

See you in a few weeks.